Plum Smoothie

     I had so many plums to eat and not enough time to eat them. So I decided to make my second smoothie attempt. My first smoothie made, the banana-apple whatever, came out horribly. But this time I used a recipe online and it came out better. It’s actually drinkable this time and I can save the second cup I made in the fridge since there was no ice added. I found the recipe on and decided to make it a little different.

 The original recipe called for: 

  • 4 red plums (or purple if you prefer)
  • ½ cup Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp Chia seed

My revision:

  • I used my mom’s vanilla yogurt (I would have preferred greek if I had it)
  • Cow’s milk (I drink Almond milk, but I only have the chocolate kind, so I just used normal milk)
  • Mom’s Country Orchards caramel (I think I ran out of honey a long time ago, but hey, it still worked.

     I cut up the plums into smaller pieces than in the photo. After turning it on, it really didn’t do much so I took them out, sort of diced them up, and tried it again. It was easier when I sort of mixed them around with with a spoon at the top, and they mixed better. Just make sure not to stick the spoon in too far, or you’ll have trouble. After that, they came out perfectly.

     I then put in the rest of the ingredients, blended it some more, and it was done. Since it wasn’t an ice blended drink (like my banana smoothie was, super chunky with ice. I said it was gross, didn’t I?), I was able to stick in into the fridge to cool. It made 2 tall cups.

I made another smoothie, this one’s better than the last one I made!

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