vegkittie: Have you done much research in the Ayurveda way of eating? I was recently skimming through this book "Yogi in the Kitchen," and it went over some of it. What are your thoughts on this, if you've looked into it at all?

I haven’t looked into it, and I just looked up what it was and read a little about it here. I think it’s interesting. I like that it incorporates herbs and spices, fresh, local, organic, and a variety. I also like that it balances out with ‘physical attributes’ as the site I read says. Though, I don’t think I would ever do it, because it seems a little too complicated and planned out for me, as I lean more towards going with the flow.

If people, like yourself, are interested in doing it, I think it’s really cool and seems like it’d be a fun, experimental thing to do. 

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