August 30th 2011 to June 7th 2012!

Oh boy, do I feel amazing! Now that the excess fat has left my body, I can now function to the best of my ability. The difference between my back from August until now, goodness gracious. I’m just a little proud of myself?!?

I’ve made quite a few progress updates lately, to read about how I feel about my transformation and the activities I am now capable of due to this impeccable health and fitness I’ve created for myself, have a look through my Before and Afters or my Progress tabs!

It’s all here on my blog and I welcome you to peruse through them. This is how I lead a positive, healthy life. Hopefully inspiration will fill your day and you’ll be motivated to do something more with the time you have right now. There is no time like the present!

Make healthy choices, every single day.

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