Relaxation Breath

     Relaxation breath is a slow-paced technique used to induce a state of deep relaxation and centeredness. It’s the simplest and easiest method of breathing, and one we all should practice under the pressure and rush of daily life because it helps reverse the psychological symptoms of stress, including lowering the heart rate and decreasing blood pressure. Although a Relaxation breath is not as deep as a Three-Part breath, this technique also focuses on matching the length and depth of the inhale to that of the exhale. Use Relaxation breathing during the first pose of your warm-up and in your final Relaxation pose to achieve a serene, restorative state. 


     Lying comfortably on your back, relax completely. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand of the upper part of your abdomen. Breathe so only your left hand rises during the inhale and falls during the exhale. Your right hand remains virtually motionless. Give an equal amount of time to the inhale and the exhale. Breathing this way should never be a struggle. Do only what your able to do calmly and comfortably. 

~ Excerpt from Beth Shaw’s YogaFit

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