Thoughts about looks vs. nutrition


Woman #1: Has a defined 6 pack, arms to kill, and looks to be the vision of health

Woman #2: Softer tummy with a little definition, toned thighs but not rock hard, looks to be pretty average.

Chances are, you would look at these two people and automatically assume that woman #1 is the healthier of the two.

You know what the funny thing is? Genetics aside, the second girl is most likely healthier.  Now of course we have to go into their diets:

To maintain the shape of Woman #1, there would have to be a VERY high protein to carb ratio (carb cycling) and dehydration.  Like I said, genetics aside, most women are not made to look like that.  

Worse than dehydration and running extremely low on carbs is if the woman gets all of her protein from animal foods.  That’s a LOT of saturated fat, cholesterol, and toxins entering the body.  Not to mention there is very little (to no) fiber in animal protein products.  

This woman is also probably cutting, aka cutting calories. This puts a lot of stress on the body!

What looks like a healthy individual from the outside could be cancer in the making inside.

On the flip side,

Woman #2 most likely has a more relaxed diet.  She is fully hydrated and eats whole grains with her meals.  She makes it a point to eat lots of vegetables and fruit and beans with a little meat every now and then (or maybe she’s a vegetarian.. or a vegan.. or whatever!)

She eats enough calories to fuel her day but isn’t obsessively counting cals, macros, whatever to make sure she keeps that 6 pack tight and cut.

From the outside this woman might not be extremely toned, but on the inside, her body might be happy as a clam & super healthy :) 

This is just another viewpoint and I realize this is not the case for everyone!  HOWEVER, just another thing to think about :)  Your physical appearance does not always determine how healthy you are — so don’t judge others too quickly.  Too often even I have looked at a fitblr and thought “OMG THEIR BODY IS AMAZING. THEY MUST BE SO HEALTHY” only to realize their diet is severely lacking in some areas and abundant in other (not so good) areas.