Thoughts about looks vs. nutrition


Woman #1: Has a defined 6 pack, arms to kill, and looks to be the vision of health

Woman #2: Softer tummy with a little definition, toned thighs but not rock hard, looks to be pretty average.

Chances are, you would look at these two people and automatically assume that woman #1 is the healthier of the two.

You know what the funny thing is? Genetics aside, the second girl is most likely healthier.  Now of course we have to go into their diets:

To maintain the shape of Woman #1, there would have to be a VERY high protein to carb ratio (carb cycling) and dehydration.  Like I said, genetics aside, most women are not made to look like that.  

Worse than dehydration and running extremely low on carbs is if the woman gets all of her protein from animal foods.  That’s a LOT of saturated fat, cholesterol, and toxins entering the body.  Not to mention there is very little (to no) fiber in animal protein products.  

This woman is also probably cutting, aka cutting calories. This puts a lot of stress on the body!

What looks like a healthy individual from the outside could be cancer in the making inside.

On the flip side,

Woman #2 most likely has a more relaxed diet.  She is fully hydrated and eats whole grains with her meals.  She makes it a point to eat lots of vegetables and fruit and beans with a little meat every now and then (or maybe she’s a vegetarian.. or a vegan.. or whatever!)

She eats enough calories to fuel her day but isn’t obsessively counting cals, macros, whatever to make sure she keeps that 6 pack tight and cut.

From the outside this woman might not be extremely toned, but on the inside, her body might be happy as a clam & super healthy :) 

This is just another viewpoint and I realize this is not the case for everyone!  HOWEVER, just another thing to think about :)  Your physical appearance does not always determine how healthy you are — so don’t judge others too quickly.  Too often even I have looked at a fitblr and thought “OMG THEIR BODY IS AMAZING. THEY MUST BE SO HEALTHY” only to realize their diet is severely lacking in some areas and abundant in other (not so good) areas.

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I decided to gather a list of health related documentaries. I have seen a few of them and plan on watching more. You can watch available films online, buy them, search for them on Netflix, or download the torrents (which I do and is safe). If you would like to torrent videos and don’t know how, let me know and I will explain it (: Also, It took me 5 hours to get this all together. Please do not re-post or steal as your own. Thank you. 

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Maximize Your Push-Ups with These Simple Tips

By Dr. Mercola

Many people learn to loathe push-ups thanks to high-school gym class, but they are in fact one of the most effective and simplest exercises to build a strong upper body and midsection.

That is, provided you do them correctly.

An improperly performed push-up is a waste of your precious workout time, but by perfecting the technique, you can actually tweak the exercise to target different muscle groups, including not only your chest muscles but also your abs.

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Weekly Challenge: 1000 Pushups. You GOT This.


I’m doing 1000 pushups this week, and I want you to do them with me!

Even if you can’t IMAGINE yourself doing this many pushups, I’m telling you it’s do-able. You have the power!

If you’re still working up to full pushups, try them against a wall, on an incline (hands on a chair, bench or couch) or from your knees! If you do 10 every hour while you’re awake, that’s 160 pushups a day. Push that to 20 reps every hour and that’s 320 in one day alone.

If you SUCK at pushups, trust me: take this challenge! Starting next week, pushups will seem easier than they ever have. And that’s a BAD ASS feeling. Chase it.

Where: Anywhere! Your living room, office, the park, the bus, outside, inside, etc.

When: 4/9/2012 - 4/15/2012

Goal: 1000 Pushups, your choice of variations.

Need help? See tips & modifications for ALL levels. Working Your Way to Perfect Pushups…

ALL pushups count. Even if you’re advanced/intermediate, you can switch to modified pushups at any time. Beginners can switch to easier modifications as well.

Advanced & Intermediate Pushup Peeps

1000 pushups is tough for most people, but if you’re a pushup QUEEN (or KING), challenge yourself with harder modifications. There are HUNDREDS of ways to do a pushup that will challenge your body from head to toe. This is a great week to try new variations, work on speed or add difficulty. Try harder modifications like decline pushups (feet elevated), one leg pushups, spiderman pushups (bring a knee to your elbow as you lower), explosive pushups (get some air!) and more. They don’t ALL have to be hard, but making some of them tougher can help you get the most out of this challenge.


  • Try busting out a set first thing in the morning (roll out of bed & on to the floor). Hopefully, your brain will still be too tired to notice. :)
  • Set reminders on your phone: every hour, every few hours etc.
  • Break them up & have a daily target. It averages out to 143 a day, but you can opt to do more or less. 10 here, 20 there. They add up quickly.
  • Bring some friends on board! Tell your co-workers, challenge others. It’s more fun in groups (a friend of mine had a pushup competition at Easter dinner with the family!)
  • STRETCH. Often. 
  • Try to do MORE than you think you can do each set. Once you start feeling tired, see if you can do 5 more.
  • Do them warm. You’ll bang out more reps with a warm body than a cold one. Runners: why not add a few sets to your runs? Start with 20, end with 20, and throw a bunch in between.

Every inch of me wants to tell you to set your own goal if this is too intimidating: 500 might seem more reasonable for some people. But I don’t want to do that because I truly believe you GOT this. Anyone can do this challenge! Don’t sell yourself short. Try your best & we’ll revisit this in a month!

Hit it HARD bad asses. :)


P.S - I’m up to 250 for the day! 25% there on Day ONE. Let me know how you’re doing with the gang on Facebook & holla if you have any questions!

Visit the I See Fit People Facebook Event to log your scores & stay motivated! Hundreds of people are doing this challenge. Get IN on it!

I just joined this on facebook and announced how buff I am going to be at the end of the week. Good thing my sports bra is still half on. Time to get on the floor and cry until I hit 132 (already did 10 today… girl push ups… because that I all I can do. hahah). 

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I’m wanting to find more fitness blogs than I already follow (which is like, 2) who post more things about gaining muscle rather than losing weight.

25 Fitness Swaps that could change your life.



1. Planks for crunches. Okay okay, have we said this enough? Crunches may not be the secretto six-pack abs. Give planks a try instead to work that whole core. Extra points for holding it for a minute straight!

2. Interval workout for relaxed run. Congrats on that 20-mile marathon. Now try a 20-minute interval run that involves lots of sprinting with some walking recovery. It may kick up the heat even more.

3. Incline for flat treadmill. In a perfect, outdoor world, flat roads rarely exist. (Sorry, Midwestern readers!) Add some hills to that treadmill run by cranking up the incline, and feel the muscle-building burn!

4. Zumba for elliptical. Trash that Cosmo-reading elliptical routine and surprise the body with a fun, calorie-burning cardio session. Sure beats staying stuck to a machine. 

5. Dynamic for static stretching. Stretching out cold muscles could lead to injury. So incorporate some active movement into a stretching routine— try lunges and arm swings before working out.

6. Warming up for rushing right to it. We know that barbell looks tempting. But before hitting the weight rack, do an active warm-up to loosen up limbs and get the most out of the workout.

7. Standing for sitting at a desk. How often does someone complain about having to sit in a cubicle all day? We have a simple solution (no college degree required)… stand. Use a pile of books to prop up the computer, or purchase one of these.

8. Exercise ball for office chair. Okay, we get it. Some people really don’t want to stand at their cubicle. So stay seated, but on a Swiss ball! It can help with balance and that six-pack. Fitness at the fingertips!

9. Gym for napping. Falling asleep at the wheel? Pull over. Tired in front of the TV? Hit the gym. It provides a big boost of energy and burns calories.

10. Free weights for machines. Skip the big machines (they’re sweaty anyway) and go for the little guys— free weights are more versatile and allow for a full range of motion in the joints.

11. Pull-ups for bicep curls. Isolating muscles is so 2011. Pull-ups are not only impressive (I can do two, thankyouverymuch) but they work way more than one muscle. Talk about multi-tasking.

12. Squats for leg press. Forget staying seated to work out the legs. Amp up the training sesh and do some squats to strengthen all theleg muscles, with some gluteus maximus work in there, too!

13. Personal trainer for guessing games. Just when we think we’ve had enough, trainers may help push us through that second set of burpees. Look for a deal online to cut the cost in half!

14. Foam rolling for static stretching. Need to get the knots out? Try using a foam roller instead of sitting and stretching to the toes. It’s almost like a personal massage.

15. Exergames for Mario Kart. Mario may be booking it through the race course, but holding the remote control does next to nothing for our own heart rate. Try out Wii Fit or Just Dance— they’re designed to provide light to moderate exercise.

16. Rowing for biking. How often can we row, row, row a boat indoors? Take advantage of the rowing machine instead of the good ’ol bike; it’s a super upper and lower body exercise.

17. Stairs for escalator. We’ve heard the tip a million times, so here it is for the millionth plus one. If the option’s available, go the old-fashion route and climb the stairs to burn some extra calories.

18. Fun workout for dreaded one. Loathe the elliptical? Try the stair-master. Hate the bench press? Do push-ups instead. We can still challenge ourselves without doing exercises we hate.

19. Active date for dinner and a movie. Save a night at that French restaurant for retirement and go on a fun, active winter date with a special someone. Sledding can be just as intimate as duck confit, and it sneaks in a hill-climbing workout, too.

20. Parking farther away for getting a spot up close. There’s no need to circle the parking lot five times looking for the perfect spot. Just park further away and walk the extra 100 feet to Target. (Doesn’t count as a trip to the gym, though!)

21. Walking further for running shorter. New to running? It’s okay. Even if a mile is all that’s possible, keep walking for a good cardio workout. Hold some light weights to up the intensity even more!

22. Working out with a pal for exercising by yourself. Grab that special someone or just a friend and hit the gym; working out with others may strengthen trust. Plus he or she could help motivate us through that final set of push-ups!

23. Hands-free running for holding handles. Hands off! On the treadmill, don’t rely on the handlebars. They take some of the stress off the body and make that workout less challenging.

24. Cherry juice for muscle medicine. Feeling sore? Rather than popping some pills, try drinking a glass of cherry juice. The antioxidants could help keep muscle swelling down. (Take that,Aspirin!)

25. Homemade post-workout snack for a protein bar. Bring a PB&J or another post-workout snack to the gym rather than buying a protein bar. We need some after-exercise fuel, but don’t get it in the form of excess sugar!

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