makemyselfstronger: I can't seem to find myself to eat a Larabar yet, it scares me because of how small the bar is and it has 220 calories. That's why I usually like to eat Luna bars because they're lower in calories, but they're not all natural..

Ah yeah that can be tough to choose. I like Luna bars better because I don’t like the way most Larabars taste, but I like that Larabars are all natural. Just think… the extra 220 calories in a larabar, of all things (it could be a brownie or some chips or something unhealthy), isn’t going to effect your body negatively. You just gotta rule our the positives (: Maybe overcoming eating those will help your recovery a ton. If you want one and think… well maybe I’ll have one, do it. Maybe you’ll see that they’re not to scary, after all. 

makemyselfstronger: You inspired me to start yoga, it's the best thing that ever happened. I do it every night before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby. Thank you. :)

Aw this is so great to hear. I am very glad that you have found it. (:

makemyselfstronger: Do I need core strength in order to fully strengthen my legs when I try the yoga headstand? I'm trying to attempt it, but I feel like my core isn't strong enough to support my lower body up.

Yes! It’s more of a total body strength pose. You need strong arms, shoulders, back, core, and your legs. Here is an article on Livestrong about strength in handstands (which also goes with headstands)

makemyselfstronger: Not too long ago I gave yoga a shot one morning, I did some Tara Stiles yoga videos, and then just searched up a few on Youtube. Afterwords, the whole day my lower back was in pain. I did every yoga stretch I could that helps the pain, but it still didn't work. Any advice or reason this could have happened, and how to prevent it next time?

Don’t stretch as deeply and take it more slowly. You could be rushing the practice. Listen to your body. If it hurts, don’t go any further.