What is your favorite late night snack?

Since I have a horrible sleeping habit (that needs to change.. and I say this a lot) and most often go to bed really late, I am always really hungry at night and normally eat a bowl of cereal. I usually crave it at night only, too. So I want to know… what’s your favorite late night snack, if you eat any? 

(Source: yogi-health)

tomakemyselfstronger: Not too long ago I gave yoga a shot one morning, I did some Tara Stiles yoga videos, and then just searched up a few on Youtube. Afterwords, the whole day my lower back was in pain. I did every yoga stretch I could that helps the pain, but it still didn't work. Any advice or reason this could have happened, and how to prevent it next time?

Don’t stretch as deeply and take it more slowly. You could be rushing the practice. Listen to your body. If it hurts, don’t go any further. 

dielikeasamurai: I'm eager to start yoga, but i'm kind of afraid to take a class and look like a fool (clumsiness). Would it be ok to start practicing on my own before attending a class? or should I face the possibility of humiliation and grin and bear it?

I understand that. The good thing about taking a class is the teacher will correct you if you are taking more of a beginners class or a class where there aren’t more intermediate and advanced yogi’s. If you’d like to start practicing at home first, you may. Though, I think you might benefit more from starting to take classes now as well as doing it at home.

There will be no humiliation unless you do not let go of your ego when you go. You shouldn’t feel like you have to do as well as the person next to you, who might be able to do a certain pose easily while you struggle. Pay attention to your body only, especially how it feels. You don’t want to push yourself too far because you can either hurt yourself or fall. If you push too hard through a pose, you might never learn it because you are not being patient with yourself. That’s part of what yoga is about… patience. You also might be surprised what your body is already capable when you really put yourself to it. Also, the more mindful and patient you are, the less clumsy you’ll be.