For the boobs

I’m really hoping that if I do this, my boobs will shrink. Rid of the fat, bring the muscle. I’ve tried researching to see if it’s possible for mine to shrink, but everything I’ve read says they’ll shrink when you lose weight/body fat and I obviously don’t have any to lose so that really doesn’t work… but we’ll see. These give you cool tarzan boobs, though (when you flex them). 

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Yoga for the Splits

Do this video 1-2 times a day on each side to get prepped for the splits. It helps to have a block.



30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners

Awesome for a light workout, or if you’re just starting out on your yoga journey :)


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Unravel the Tension

This video is perfect for busy people who sit at desks during the day and will be sure to open your chest, hamstrings, and relax you.

This short, gentle practice is great for beginners or anyone who wants to take it easy.



Shit Yogis Say (Found here)

Too funny, sort of adorable at the same time. I need that tye die shirt.

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Yoga to Open Your Hips and Back.  Feels good! 

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Meghan Currie Timelapse living room (by KeaghanlizaMurrie)

Make something beautiful today!

This is so beautiful! She has worked hard to get where she is at.  Motivation for everyone daily practice is the key! :)

Amazing ! 

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15 Minute Energizing Morning Yoga Routine

This slow start yoga practice is gentle enough for just waking and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. Set your day up right!

Note: In Chaturanga I am taking the knees modification. The knees modification is great for building strength in the triceps preparing you for proper alignment in traditional Chaturanga Dandasana. You are welcome to take whatever variation is in your regular practice. 

Have no idea what I just said? No worries, the video is enough visual and audio cueing to help anyone through the routine. The more you practice the easier it will flow. Flexibility and strength will come.

Great, chill morning practice. 
Appropriate for those who have “never taken yoga”. And good for everyone else so save this one! 

Well thought out routine, thank you!




Morning Yoga

This flow is great for when you wake up. You can do it on the mat also. I like to stay in bed. :-]

I just love you!  What a cute song!

More morning yoga for me to memorize and start doing!

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Great Stretching Videos


Here are the best stretching videos I’ve found. The ones with little asterisk (*) are my favorite but they are all good. Try a new one everyday!

Tone It Up! Stretch & Release

flexiblewarrioryoga  Stretches for Hips, Inner Thighs, & Hamstrings *

flexiblewarrioryoga Post Run Stretch *

yogatic Seated Hip Opener Sequence

yogatic Yoga For Flexibility

POP Pilates Upper Back & Leg Stretches *

POP Pilates Stretching For Flexibility

Tara Styles Loosen Up The Hips *

Tara Styles Bend It Like Tara *

Tara Styles Yoga For Flexibility

Tara Styles Beginners Yoga For Flexibility

Tara Styles Morning Yoga For Flexibility

Dashama Hip Stretches

Dashama Yoga To Get In The Splits

Dashama Inner Thigh Flexibility

Cardio Cheer Flexibility Workout Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Cardio Cheer Quick Fix Stretch

How to do the Splits in 30 Days

5 Minute Stretch Routine

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1000 Rep Workout with Sean and Kyla from

They did awesome, I will attempt this tomorrow.

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By special request, here are a few muscle-balancing exercises for the hands & wrists. Great for those of you who spend all day on facebook & twitter and, oh yeah, working on the computer, too!

If you have a wrist injury, lay off your wrists. But, otherwise, have at it!

The thing she does with her feet at 2:00 is great for runners or those people with low arches. 

Appropriate for all levels, all ages!



What I think of everytime some parents orders chicken nuggets for their kids….


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Yoga Girl Music Video

HA! I love this..

Hahaha this is actually pretty catchy.

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